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There are practically NO places available on the net to express an opinion about Orowheat breads now that Bimbo makes them. Since this event, the quality of Orowheat bread has tanked in a big way.

I was first introduced to Healthnut bread years ago and it was an exceptionally good product. Today, by contrast, it is just a notch above plain, offbrand wheat bread...nothing to be excited about. At least Pepperidge Farm hasn't been bought out by Bimbo, thank God. Their breads are infinitely superior to Bimbo ***.

Mexico seems hellbent on copying Chinese junk manufacturing. I may drag out my old breadmaking machine if those idiots keep insisting on sending us inferior products.

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I no longer buy Thomas' products or Beefsteak rye because of the serious decline in quality since Bimbo took over. This is a shame. Gone are these good breads forever.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1260056

Well, if we could order the product by the unit instead of full trays would help. Also, they bake so far in advance that the product is 4 days old before the distributor receives it.

Also, they carry so many unnecessary products that don't sell which causes the issue of baking in advance. Bimbo bakeries is the largest baker, meaning the bakeries that produce a certain product have to travel many miles to reach its destination. I'll leave it at this, milk isn't used as a baking ingredient anymore. I'm sure there is a cheap alternative Mexico has introduced to replace it.

Look at Mexico, it's not the most advanced country in the world and does what it has to do in order to get by.

One big reason they are able to survive is the billions of dollars that cross back over the border that should stay within the United States. I'm sure if you research it a bit, you'll know what I'm talking about.

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